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The central premise of the series will be the conflict between the scientific community and the Church, which has a monopoly on resources following the Great Filter event.

The Church punishes scientists who conduct illegal experiments by banishing them to a mini-universe known as "The Other Side," which was created by the leading scientist Ash.

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The Ordoss order, which serves as the secret police for the Church, is tasked with slaying monsters that migrate from The Other Side to our world. The members of Ordoss are chosen by their weapons, which are created from the blood of these monsters.


Cassie Soul, is the daughter of Mel, a detective who was also banished to The Other Side.

Jack, Soul, Andersen, Raven & Hanako must investigate the odd murder at the outskirts of the town.

And so it shall begin...

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Ordosi team concept art.jpg
Ordosi team concept art.jpg
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