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In a post-apocalyptic world where the Church holds a monopoly on resources after the Great Filter event, a fierce conflict brews between the scientific community and the religious order. Scientists who dare to defy the Church are banished to a mini-universe known as "The Other Side," a creation of the leading scientist, Ash.

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The Church's secret police, the Ordoss order, hunts down monsters that escape from The Other Side. These elite warriors wield weapons forged from the blood of the very creatures they hunt, chosen for their deadly purpose.

Cassie Soul, the daughter of Mel, a detective exiled to The Other Side, teams up with Jack, Andersen, Raven, and Hanako to investigate a mysterious murder on the town's outskirts.

The adventure begins here...

Prepare for a thrilling journey where science and faith collide, and the boundary between worlds is tested.

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Ordosi team concept art.jpg
Ordosi team concept art.jpg
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